Pet Calm: Works Differently for Different Pets....But it Works!

Pets are as varied in their behavior as they are in their type of breed......And this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since all pets have personalities. We can tell when they are happy, sad or not feeling well....much in the way they can tell the same about us.

When we do notice that they are restless, nervous, scared or suffering from separation anxiety, PetCalm can certainly help with all of these areas by providing calm, soothing music. However, each pet will relax in a different way. Some will fall asleep immediately or stare calmly into the distance, yet others will take the time do a little paw cleaning :) Each responds to the relaxing sounds of PetCalm in their own way but, rest assured, they are relaxing. While the science behind the music is important, we feel the proof is in the pudding (so to speak) which is to say that pet owners want to see the product in action. That said, take a look at the various ways in which pets relax to the soothing sounds of PetCalm in the videos below:

Valentino & Veloce Relaxing:

Keiko the Cat Relaxes to PetCalm:

Mini Pins Relaxing to PetCalm:

Cat & Dogs Relaxing to the Soothing Sounds of PetCalm:


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