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I have two dogs - they enjoy riding in the car & I've 3 other dog-discs to play. This one is by far the best. I enjoy it too. I like it so much that I bring it into my office (home) and play it so they can enjoy their napping while I work. 

Sparky's Mom

Love this and so do my doggies. It's relaxing and beautiful for all. Highly recommend.


I have four cats, two of which think my bedtime is their playtime. That's when I pop the Music My Pet cd on, and within five minutes, they miraculously settle down for a snooze. 

Susan Richard, 1010 WINS News Anchor

Very nice to listen to.. helps my anxious chihuahua to relax during storms or when I have to leave him at home, also helps us both to sleep (white noise). 


I love PetCalm. It’s really cool to be able to carry music with me and my beagle Sully — its’ so easy to use. And of course, the music is great! We love it! It was one of the few things we could enjoy during a recent ice storm power outage.

Author's name- Steve Gruber (Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals®)

Music My Pet does it again. They have created a product that calms my doggies and lets me get my work done without them jumping on me. I love the fact that I can take this cube anywhere and have them chill. This is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a fur baby. Love this !!!

Melissa P.

My family cannot BELIEVE how the chihuahuas are drawn to this. They bask in the sun and are mesmerized.  I put the cube right in their cage.....I put the cube in their cage. I have never seen them this mesmerized. They are usually off the wall!!!@9@

Andi Jennings

The cube is certainly a neat device, and its sound is amazing in its depth.

Bruce M

Min Pins Stunned!
I have two min pin puppies that are mischievous, funny and extremely energetic. I tried the Music My Pet Cube and put it in their cage. They literally stopped in their tracks and did not move for over an hour. They eventually made their way to their cage for their afternoon nap. I thought it was a fluke until it happened three days in a row. I now bring my Music My Pet Cube every time we travel with the dogs. I highly recommend this calming device. It’s a little miracle in a box!

Andrea J