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I have two dogs - they enjoy riding in the car & I've 3 other dog-discs to play. This one is by far the best. I enjoy it too. I like it so much that I bring it into my office (home) and play it so they can enjoy their napping while I work. 

Sparky's Mom

Love this and so do my doggies. It's relaxing and beautiful for all. Highly recommend.


I have four cats, two of which think my bedtime is their playtime. That's when I pop the Music My Pet cd on, and within five minutes, they miraculously settle down for a snooze. 

Susan Richard, 1010 WINS News Anchor

Very nice to listen to.. helps my anxious chihuahua to relax during storms or when I have to leave him at home, also helps us both to sleep (white noise). 


I love PetCalm. It’s really cool to be able to carry music with me and my beagle Sully — its’ so easy to use. And of course, the music is great! We love it! It was one of the few things we could enjoy during a recent ice storm power outage.

Author's name- Steve Gruber (Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals®)

Music My Pet does it again. They have created a product that calms my doggies and lets me get my work done without them jumping on me. I love the fact that I can take this cube anywhere and have them chill. This is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a fur baby. Love this !!!

Melissa P.

My family cannot BELIEVE how the chihuahuas are drawn to this. They bask in the sun and are mesmerized.  I put the cube right in their cage.....I put the cube in their cage. I have never seen them this mesmerized. They are usually off the wall!!!@9@

Andi Jennings

The cube is certainly a neat device, and its sound is amazing in its depth.

Bruce M